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FURROW OUTDOORS combines drive, passion, leading edge technology and a deep base of experience, creating a category defining company that is a dominant market player in the personalized gift market. With our solid set of values, passion for stellar customer service and leading edge technology, FURROW OUTDOORS will continue to expand, bringing value to our customers, employees, suppliers, strategic partners and investors.

Our Values

Furrow Outdoors believes in bringing fun, exciting and quality products to our customers rather than merely acting as selling agents for our suppliers. Our prices will always be fair, allowing our company to earn a profit and continue to grow in a sustainable manner.


The customer is always given the benefit of the doubt. Furrow Outdoors will do everything within the bounds of its policies to resolve a matter in a timely and friendly manner. The company promises to ship each order with care and in a timely manner.


Furrow Outdoors strives to be on top, implementing the latest and most appropriate technology to keep its sites and systems ahead of the curve. The company believes effective technology can enhance both the user’s experience on its sites and its employees’ and strategic partners’ experience with our systems.


Furrow Outdoors strives to find the best products for its customers and negotiate the best possible prices. Keeping the lines of communication open with suppliers is critical. The company will offer praise and feedback as appropriate and work carefully with suppliers when the company sees areas for potential improvement.

Delivery Time

We work extremely hard to get your order processed within 3 business days. On average, most orders will be completed and arrive to you within 7-14 business days depending upon your location.

Latest Updates

The Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy After A Long Hunt

After a long day/night of hunting your muscles are often tired and sore. From carrying your cargo to the miles of hiking and walking that can be done, your body often feels the repercussions afterward. If you have a whole weekend of hunting planned, having sore and tired muscles is not the way to go. So, what is one of the best ways to help relieve and reduce sore muscles? Enjoying a nice warm and relaxing dip in a hot tub is where it is at! That is why if you are staying at a ranch or lodging somewhere it is truly beneficial if you look into the amenities they offer, such as a hot tub. But keep in mind while hot tub soaking is found to help prevent injury and reduce lactic acid build-up, you should only do so in a clean and well maintained hot tub. Hot tubs that are no cared for correctly can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria causing skin irritation and even sickness.

Why Are Hot Tubs Good For Sore Muscles?

Fort Collins hot tub maintenance service, Hot Tub Patrol, shares that the increase in lodging facilities adding a hot tub or additional hot tubs has increased immensely over the last few years. With more and more people looking to hydrotherapy for pain relief, including professional athletes, keeping up with hot tub maintenance keeps Doug and his fellow hot tub technicians very busy! If you lead an active and energetic lifestyle, hot tub soaking has been proven to help relieve sore muscles and aching joints. In fact, one study found that soaking in a hot tub for a period of time can greatly help to reduce lactic acid build-up. What does lactic acid build updo? The lactic acid build-up is what is actually responsible for those sore muscles. Thus immersion in warm water helps to break up lactic acid which in turn aids in relieving those tired achy muscles & joints. That all being said, one of the most important factors before taking a dip in any hot tub is that it is clean and properly maintained. 

Proper Hot Tub Maintenance…The More You Know

Proper hot tub maintenance is crucial to the overall benefit and health of the individual utilizing the spa. There are different steps you need to take in order to make sure that the hot tub to be enjoyed is clean and ready for use. Making sure the facility in which you are utilizing the spa takes proper hot tub maintenance measures is important if you feel that the spa in question looks or smells funny. What hot tub maintenance steps should be taken?

Daily Maintenance: This involves checking PH & sanitizing levels to ensure that they are in the safe and correct range. Checking PH levels daily helps keep chemical levels on point as well as helping to reduce mineral build up in the spa. Water that does not have balanced sanitizing and PH levels often causes skin irritation and cloudy water.

Weekly Maintenance: This involves shocking the water weekly to help kill bacteria. Bacteria loves to breed in warm & moist environments. Performing weekly inspection is always a great thing to do as well. Checking everything out from hot how the tub looks to how the mechanical/electrical system is working helps to spot any issues.

Yearly Maintenance: Hot tubs should be drained at least once every year and refilled with fresh water. Filters should also be changed at the bare minimum once per year. But keep in mind that the more the hot tub is utilized the more the filters should be changed and the water drained, the tub scrubbed, cleaned, and then refilled with water.

Hot tubs offer a great way to relieve sore and tired muscles from a long hunting trip. They can also help to prevent injury and get muscles ready for the next days hiking adventures. When staying in any lodging facility it is always a good idea to inspect the hot tub visually before getting in and enjoying the warm water and relaxing effects. 


Best Winter Hunting Spots

With winter fast approaching planning your hunting destinations now is where it is at. Depending on what you will be hunting for we have compiled a list of the best places to hunt during the winter season. From Florida and Texas to South Dakota there are numerous different habitats you can plan an epic hunting trip in. Just make sure your vehicle is equipped for winter weather!

Best Winter Hunting Spots According To What Your Hunting

Wild Hogs – The best wild hog hunting in the U.S. can be found in Florida, Texas, and California. Because of the abundance of wild hogs in these different states, many hunting ranches have been set up to give hunters the opportunity to hunt from January thru March.

Pheasants – If you are looking to hunt pheasants look no further than South Dakota. In fact, South Dakota is known to have the bay pheasant hunting in the entire country.  The milder winters that the state has been seeing have helped to increase the bird population and numbers continue to climb and improve each year.

Rabbits – If you’re looking for good rabbit hunting the eastern part of Montana is where you need to travel too. Some of the best colder weather hunting can be found here through the months of January thru March. And many ranchers allow you to hunt rabbits on their land. And because there is no actual season for rabbit hunting here, there are no limits on the number of cottontails you can get.

Bob White Qualis – The best place to hunt these birds is in Arizona. The population of Bob White Qualis is plentiful after the first winter rains. The season usually begins sometime in November and goes through the month of January.

Turkey- In Florida, you can find some great turkey hunting believe it or not. If you are a hunter looking for milder winter hunting whether this may just be the hunting destination for you. Osceola turkeys start to come in around January and are relatively easy to hunt through March.

The great thing about hunting is that should you have the time and means you are able to travel to many incredible destinations. Depending on what you like to hunt for,  check out the numerous possibilities available to you, and find somewhere new to hunt this year!


Hiking During The Hunting Season

Hunting season is always an exciting and enjoyable time for those that love the sport and love getting out into nature. While all hunters should be well versed in safety precautions & measures when hunting, one of the most important things to remember is that there may be others out in the same area as you enjoying nature and the great outdoors in their own way.  Those that like to hike often explore trails that coincide with the same destination as hunters. And while hikers should be knowledgeable and aware of when hunting season is, there is still room for error. That is why if you choose to hike during the hunting season you need to know how to stay safe!

Hiking During Hunting Season Top Saftey Tips

Know The Season: It is important to remember that there are different seasons for different animals and vary by state & permitted weapon. It is important that as a hiker you get the details of the trail you want to hike. Check out the Fish & Wildlife website for that specific area.  Know what you’re up against before you set out on your adventure. 

Know Where Hunting Is Allowed: Knowing where hunting is permitted in the first place can help you decide which trails you want to explore. For example, many National parks do not allow any hunting. If you choose spots that do not permit any hunting you will eliminate that worry right off the bat.

Wear The Right Colors: Staying visible to hunters is also a very important safety precaution. Wearing bright colors like an orange vest, backpack and hat will help to protect you and keep you easily visible to hunters waiting for prey. Muted tones and white are never good colors to wear hiking where hunting takes place.

Make Noise: Just as you should be aware of the wildlife around you, you need to listen for the telltale signs of shooting. Talk with your fellow hikers and friends and make your presence known.

Protect Your Dog: If you like taking your furry companion with you make sure you protect him too! Your dog should have a bright orange vest as well to help keep him visible to hunters. Hunters have hunting dogs as well and making the presence of another animal known is always a good idea. 

There are many safety precautions that should be adhered to when hiking in hunting territory by both the hunter & the hiker. The more cautious both parties are the less chance there could be a potentially fatal accident. 

Vinyl Wrap For Your Hunting Vehicle

Vehicle vinyl wraps have become a hot commodity in recent years for everything from boats, ATV’s personal vehicles, and commercial vehicles. No wonder that they are also becoming increasingly popular among hunters looking to both camouflage and protect their vehicle from outside elements.

We spoke with 201Wrap, vehicle wrap experts in Jacksonville, Florida about the durability of a vehicle wrap in the great outdoors and if camouflage vehicle wraps are indeed as popular as they seem. Vehicle wrap technician Nick, explains that vehicle wraps are a great way to add a layer of protection to your original paint coat as well as to help camouflage your vehicle while in the “field”. Also, vehicle wraps offer such benefits as

  • UV Protection
  • Cost Is Lower Than Traditional Paint
  • 100% Removable If Applied Right
  • Helps Hold Resale Value Of Vehicle
  • Original Paint Is Unharmed

These are just some of the benefits of a vehicle wrap but because they come with such versatility and are customizable any individual can set their vehicle apart from the rest just by adding little things here and there. When looking to help camouflage their vehicle most people tend to look to a full vehicle wrap. But you also do have the option to just have a partial wrap done as well. Nick does add that for ultimate protection of your vehicle and its wrap a paint protection film or ceramic coating is also suggested in conjunction with your vehicle wrap. It is also extremely important that you seek the services, skillset & knowledge of a professional vehicle wrap artist. You get what you pay for and often when a wrap is not done right it can either ruin the vehicle, void the warranty, or cost even more money to remove and have fixed.

Should you be looking for a vehicle wrap fro your hunting vehicle and would like to customize your wrap with specific graphics etc, reputable & trustworthy professional vehicle wrap companies often offer the services of an in house graphic design artist to help you to achieve the vision you have in mind for your wrap. Set your hunting vehicle apart from the rest while also blending into your surroundings! It doesn’t make sense but it’s true!






How To Find & Fit The Best Compound Bow For You

When it comes to hunting bows, having the wrong one can create many complications. If your draw weight is too great you may not be able to create a smooth, steady & stealthy bow draw. Or if your bow doesn’t fit correctly you most definitely will have difficulty aiming. As with a bow that is too heavy or not compact enough it can become a real problem when hunting and even create bad shooting habits.

It is important to keep in mind that beginner bow hunters can come into the sport with all different skill levels. Some have fire aim skills from years of hunting with guns. Others have no skill set at all. With bow hunting you are an intricate part of the weapon and thus must feel as comfortable and confident as possible when aiming and shooting your game.

Check out our tips on how to pick the perfect compact bow for you.

Eyes- the first step is to determine your dominant eye. In doing so you will save a lot of frustration when trying to aim and you will make for a better & more accurate shooter. To determine your dominant eye have both eyes open and extend your arm to something across the room about 10ft away. Point your index finger at the object and close your left eye. If your finger is still pointing directly at the object then you are right eye dominant. Do the same with your right eye just to be sure.

Draw Length- You can always make a trip to your local hunting store to have your draw measured or you can do it at home with a tape measure.

Anchor Point- This is the point on your face where your draw hand comes to rest when at full draw. Most anchor points tend to be close to the corner of your mouth. But again it all depends on the shooter. Finding your anchor point when shopping for your bow will help to ensure better shooting habits and more accurate shots.

Draw Weight- This is the measure of the max weight before you bring your bow to a full draw. Most modern compound bows have a let-off between about 65-80%.

All of the above are factors to consider when deciding on the type of bow that is best for you. It is extremely important to keep in mind that while it is great to have someone guide you and help you in choosing the right bow, it is also about shooter preference. You need to make sure that you feel comfortable with your bow and that you will get accustomed to shooting it while maintaining good shooting habits.





Best Hunting Dogs

When it comes to hunting dogs the breed you choose should have a lot to do with the kind of game you hunt. Whether you may be taking into consideration a dog that is both great for hunting & your family or other specific needs, we have all the info on the type of dog that works best for certain hunting needs. When it comes to hunting dogs there are basically two types of breeds, Gun Dogs or Scent Hounds. Again, the type of breed that will be most beneficial to you depends on what you are hunting.

Gun Dogs

Also known as Bird Dogs, they are great for flushing out birds & other small animals. Some will even retrieve your catch after it has been killed. Bird bogs that are great for hunting include:

Labrador Retriever: These dogs are great for duck hunting and are bred for marking, retrieving & delivering. They adapt to the cold waters and are one step ahead of many of the other retriever breeds when it comes to intelligence. They also tend to mature faster & understand training at a younger age.

English Springer Spaniel: an ideal bird dog breed, these dogs also make great family pets. They are compact when it comes to size, making them able to slip into smaller spaces when hunting fowl.

Scent Hounds

This breed is basically considered the top rank sniffer when it comes to dogs. They not only can locate prey, but some also will chase and corner prey until his master arrives. One thing to remember is any dog can only be as good as his owner. All hunting dogs & animals, in general, need love, affection, bonding & training.

Beagles- these dogs make great scent hounds because of their powerful sniffing abilities & because they are known as one of the best scent hounds when it comes to hunting.

American Foxhound- these dogs track deer & foxes and have a lot of determination & energy. They also have solid running skills and fierce loyalty to their owners making them great family dogs and great hunting dogs all in one.

While there are many breeds to choose from when deciding on the type of hunting dog that is right for you these are our top picks. All dogs whether trained for hunting or not should be met with love, loyalty, and good care.

Hunting Vehicle Service & Maintenance

Prepping and making sure your hunting vehicle is ready for the season is one of the most important tasks when it comes to getting ready to hunt. Because of the often rough terrain that hunters endure getting to their favorite hunting spots and the conditions such as water crossings, mud, dirt, and other outdoor related elements that your vehicle is exposed to it is beyond important for your health and safety as well as your vehicles to keep it as maintained as possible. 

Whether you choose to DIY or seek an experienced mechanic it is important to have your vehicle serviced and while doing so make sure that an inspection is done of the following:

Tires- Your tires are one of if not the most important thing to inspect on your vehicle. Having a spare, lug wrench and a jack in your vehicle at all times is also suggested. Should you be planning on doing some serious off-roading or traveling on rough terrain it is advised that you utilize off-road tires. 

Fluids & Filters- Checking and maintaining your vehicle’s fluid levels is essential to the overall engine health of your hunting vehicle. It is also suggested that you have your entire cooling system flushed, drained and refilled at least once per year. The same goes for filters. Making sure your oil and air filters are clean can help save a lot of unneeded engine repairs if left untouched for too long.

Oil Change- Just like with any vehicle it is important to have regular oil and filter changes. Clean oil can do wonders for your engine and increase the overall life span of your vehicle if coupled with other maintenance procedures.

Brakes- Makes sure to remove dirt and mud that can often accumulate around brakes. If left it can get in between the rotors and brake pads and cause major damage. This would not be a good thing should you be stuck out in the wild or on rugged terrain.

It is also a good idea to inspect your vehicle’s battery as well as have tools such as jumper cables, tow strap, and rope, flashlights, extra blankets, flares and fire extinguishers present in the vehicle. Also, keep in mind that while hunting vehicles are meant to get dirty you want to try to protect the interior of your vehicle as much as possible. Having vehicle recommended or heavy-duty floor mats and seat covers can also make a huge difference. 

And hey now that your hunting vehicle is ready the only thing standing between you and the great outdoors is the start of the season! Happy Hunting as they say!



Trail Camera Myths

5 Most Common Trail Camera Myths

After buying trail cameras, most people have a tonne of doubts as to how to use them, what to avoid and how to go about with it all! The helplines of the trail camera dealers keep buzzing with queries throughout the day – and these queries of course come in from the completely unaware crowd. Here’s a list of myths – things you should take care of to not do with your Trail Camera. Read on:

    1. Alkaline Batteries are best for Trail Cameras:
      Well, no. In emergency situations if you use alkaline batteries, it’s just fine, but not otherwise. These alkaline batteries seem to be a cheap way out – with them being inexpensive and pretty longlasting, they aren’t a good match for Trail Cameras. In fact, these batteries are responsible to cause defects in the trail cameras, affecting te resulting picture quality.trail-camera
    2. You need to be an expert to set up and operate a trail camera:
      No people, it doesn’t reuqiree a lot of intelligence or effort to setup a trail camera. A trail camera is made in such a way that it can be setup easily, in a couple of minutes. You can easily follow the instructions leaflet and set up your camera like a pro without anyone else’s help!
    3. Higher the megapixels, better the quality of the photos:
      You’re mistaeken there, mate! This rule is not applicable to Trail cameras. In fact, the size of your image sensor is responsible for the picture quality of the photos you capture through this camera. So instead of splurging for a camera with a high number of pixels, it’s best you settle for a reliable and reasonable camera which fits well in your budget.

  1. The highest memory card storage works best for your trail camera:
    A 32 GB memory card is best for your trail camera. Pushing a higher capacity memeory card in your trail camera won’t make sense because the device should be able to support it too. A normal trail camera will function perfectly with a 32 GB memory card.
  2. All cellular trail cameras are the same:
    This is not true. Every cellular trail camera comes with different features. All cellular trail cameras come with different subscriptions too. So yes, you got to be on a watch as to what you are purchasing, how it functions and at what cost too.

Just be careful and not fall prey to the myths for the trail cameras  – use them well and you’re sure to have the best pics!


The gats that you get here are of the finest quality. They have a lot of options from which you can choose. There is no possible way that anyone will be disappointed.

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