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Best Hunting Dogs

Best Hunting Dogs

When it comes to hunting dogs the breed you choose should have a lot to do with the kind of game you hunt. Whether you may be taking into consideration a dog that is both great for hunting & your family or other specific needs, we have all the info on the type of dog that works best for certain hunting needs. When it comes to hunting dogs there are basically two types of breeds, Gun Dogs or Scent Hounds. Again, the type of breed that will be most beneficial to you depends on what you are hunting.

Gun Dogs

Also known as Bird Dogs, they are great for flushing out birds & other small animals. Some will even retrieve your catch after it has been killed. Bird bogs that are great for hunting include:

Labrador Retriever: These dogs are great for duck hunting and are bred for marking, retrieving & delivering. They adapt to the cold waters and are one step ahead of many of the other retriever breeds when it comes to intelligence. They also tend to mature faster & understand training at a younger age.

English Springer Spaniel: an ideal bird dog breed, these dogs also make great family pets. They are compact when it comes to size, making them able to slip into smaller spaces when hunting fowl.

Scent Hounds

This breed is basically considered the top rank sniffer when it comes to dogs. They not only can locate prey, but some also will chase and corner prey until his master arrives. One thing to remember is any dog can only be as good as his owner. All hunting dogs & animals, in general, need love, affection, bonding & training.

Beagles- these dogs make great scent hounds because of their powerful sniffing abilities & because they are known as one of the best scent hounds when it comes to hunting.

American Foxhound- these dogs track deer & foxes and have a lot of determination & energy. They also have solid running skills and fierce loyalty to their owners making them great family dogs and great hunting dogs all in one.

While there are many breeds to choose from when deciding on the type of hunting dog that is right for you these are our top picks. All dogs whether trained for hunting or not should be met with love, loyalty, and good care.

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