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Hiking During The Hunting Season

Hiking During The Hunting Season

Hunting season is always an exciting and enjoyable time for those that love the sport and love getting out into nature. While all hunters should be well versed in safety precautions & measures when hunting, one of the most important things to remember is that there may be others out in the same area as you enjoying nature and the great outdoors in their own way.  Those that like to hike often explore trails that coincide with the same destination as hunters. And while hikers should be knowledgeable and aware of when hunting season is, there is still room for error. That is why if you choose to hike during the hunting season you need to know how to stay safe!

Hiking During Hunting Season Top Saftey Tips

Know The Season: It is important to remember that there are different seasons for different animals and vary by state & permitted weapon. It is important that as a hiker you get the details of the trail you want to hike. Check out the Fish & Wildlife website for that specific area.  Know what you’re up against before you set out on your adventure. 

Know Where Hunting Is Allowed: Knowing where hunting is permitted in the first place can help you decide which trails you want to explore. For example, many National parks do not allow any hunting. If you choose spots that do not permit any hunting you will eliminate that worry right off the bat.

Wear The Right Colors: Staying visible to hunters is also a very important safety precaution. Wearing bright colors like an orange vest, backpack and hat will help to protect you and keep you easily visible to hunters waiting for prey. Muted tones and white are never good colors to wear hiking where hunting takes place.

Make Noise: Just as you should be aware of the wildlife around you, you need to listen for the telltale signs of shooting. Talk with your fellow hikers and friends and make your presence known.

Protect Your Dog: If you like taking your furry companion with you make sure you protect him too! Your dog should have a bright orange vest as well to help keep him visible to hunters. Hunters have hunting dogs as well and making the presence of another animal known is always a good idea. 

There are many safety precautions that should be adhered to when hiking in hunting territory by both the hunter & the hiker. The more cautious both parties are the less chance there could be a potentially fatal accident. 

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