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How To Find & Fit The Best Compound Bow For You

How To Find & Fit The Best Compound Bow For You

When it comes to hunting bows, having the wrong one can create many complications. If your draw weight is too great you may not be able to create a smooth, steady & stealthy bow draw. Or if your bow doesn’t fit correctly you most definitely will have difficulty aiming. As with a bow that is too heavy or not compact enough it can become a real problem when hunting and even create bad shooting habits.

It is important to keep in mind that beginner bow hunters can come into the sport with all different skill levels. Some have fire aim skills from years of hunting with guns. Others have no skill set at all. With bow hunting you are an intricate part of the weapon and thus must feel as comfortable and confident as possible when aiming and shooting your game.

Check out our tips on how to pick the perfect compact bow for you.

Eyes- the first step is to determine your dominant eye. In doing so you will save a lot of frustration when trying to aim and you will make for a better & more accurate shooter. To determine your dominant eye have both eyes open and extend your arm to something across the room about 10ft away. Point your index finger at the object and close your left eye. If your finger is still pointing directly at the object then you are right eye dominant. Do the same with your right eye just to be sure.

Draw Length- You can always make a trip to your local hunting store to have your draw measured or you can do it at home with a tape measure.

Anchor Point- This is the point on your face where your draw hand comes to rest when at full draw. Most anchor points tend to be close to the corner of your mouth. But again it all depends on the shooter. Finding your anchor point when shopping for your bow will help to ensure better shooting habits and more accurate shots.

Draw Weight- This is the measure of the max weight before you bring your bow to a full draw. Most modern compound bows have a let-off between about 65-80%.

All of the above are factors to consider when deciding on the type of bow that is best for you. It is extremely important to keep in mind that while it is great to have someone guide you and help you in choosing the right bow, it is also about shooter preference. You need to make sure that you feel comfortable with your bow and that you will get accustomed to shooting it while maintaining good shooting habits.





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