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Hunting Vehicle Service & Maintenance

Hunting Vehicle Service & Maintenance

Prepping and making sure your hunting vehicle is ready for the season is one of the most important tasks when it comes to getting ready to hunt. Because of the often rough terrain that hunters endure getting to their favorite hunting spots and the conditions such as water crossings, mud, dirt, and other outdoor related elements that your vehicle is exposed to it is beyond important for your health and safety as well as your vehicles to keep it as maintained as possible. 

Whether you choose to DIY or seek an experienced mechanic it is important to have your vehicle serviced and while doing so make sure that an inspection is done of the following:

Tires- Your tires are one of if not the most important thing to inspect on your vehicle. Having a spare, lug wrench and a jack in your vehicle at all times is also suggested. Should you be planning on doing some serious off-roading or traveling on rough terrain it is advised that you utilize off-road tires. 

Fluids & Filters- Checking and maintaining your vehicle’s fluid levels is essential to the overall engine health of your hunting vehicle. It is also suggested that you have your entire cooling system flushed, drained and refilled at least once per year. The same goes for filters. Making sure your oil and air filters are clean can help save a lot of unneeded engine repairs if left untouched for too long.

Oil Change- Just like with any vehicle it is important to have regular oil and filter changes. Clean oil can do wonders for your engine and increase the overall life span of your vehicle if coupled with other maintenance procedures.

Brakes- Makes sure to remove dirt and mud that can often accumulate around brakes. If left it can get in between the rotors and brake pads and cause major damage. This would not be a good thing should you be stuck out in the wild or on rugged terrain.

It is also a good idea to inspect your vehicle’s battery as well as have tools such as jumper cables, tow strap, and rope, flashlights, extra blankets, flares and fire extinguishers present in the vehicle. Also, keep in mind that while hunting vehicles are meant to get dirty you want to try to protect the interior of your vehicle as much as possible. Having vehicle recommended or heavy-duty floor mats and seat covers can also make a huge difference. 

And hey now that your hunting vehicle is ready the only thing standing between you and the great outdoors is the start of the season! Happy Hunting as they say!



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