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5 Most Common Trail Camera Myths

5 Most Common Trail Camera Myths

After buying trail cameras, most people have a tonne of doubts as to how to use them, what to avoid and how to go about with it all! The helplines of the trail camera dealers keep buzzing with queries throughout the day – and these queries of course come in from the completely unaware crowd. Here’s a list of myths – things you should take care of to not do with your Trail Camera. Read on:

    1. Alkaline Batteries are best for Trail Cameras:
      Well, no. In emergency situations if you use alkaline batteries, it’s just fine, but not otherwise. These alkaline batteries seem to be a cheap way out – with them being inexpensive and pretty longlasting, they aren’t a good match for Trail Cameras. In fact, these batteries are responsible to cause defects in the trail cameras, affecting te resulting picture quality.trail-camera
    2. You need to be an expert to set up and operate a trail camera:
      No people, it doesn’t reuqiree a lot of intelligence or effort to setup a trail camera. A trail camera is made in such a way that it can be setup easily, in a couple of minutes. You can easily follow the instructions leaflet and set up your camera like a pro without anyone else’s help!
    3. Higher the megapixels, better the quality of the photos:
      You’re mistaeken there, mate! This rule is not applicable to Trail cameras. In fact, the size of your image sensor is responsible for the picture quality of the photos you capture through this camera. So instead of splurging for a camera with a high number of pixels, it’s best you settle for a reliable and reasonable camera which fits well in your budget.

  1. The highest memory card storage works best for your trail camera:
    A 32 GB memory card is best for your trail camera. Pushing a higher capacity memeory card in your trail camera won’t make sense because the device should be able to support it too. A normal trail camera will function perfectly with a 32 GB memory card.
  2. All cellular trail cameras are the same:
    This is not true. Every cellular trail camera comes with different features. All cellular trail cameras come with different subscriptions too. So yes, you got to be on a watch as to what you are purchasing, how it functions and at what cost too.

Just be careful and not fall prey to the myths for the trail cameras  – use them well and you’re sure to have the best pics!

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